Freebie Sneak Peek...

Hello all you lovely ladies.  It's Lisa back again to get your interest piqued for this week's upcoming freebie.

I'm dipping into the store again and this week am grabbing an image that was doing a LOT of complaining.  It insisted that I snag it and present it to all of you.  Sheesh, there were tears and everything!  It is possible that some of you may have picked this up as a freebie in the past but at least for those of you who are newer followers, this one will be brand new.

Now I double dare you to figure this one out!  Same rules as last time.  For anyone who leaves a comment with the correct guess, I'll send you a free paper.  Of course, you will have to wait until Tuesday to know if you were correct.

So make sure you come back in three days so you can pick up another of Naomi's sweet images as a freebie.  I'll provide another update on Naomi's situation at that time if one is available.

Until then,

on behalf of


You are making this really hard Lisa lol. I think that flowers are in there somewhere. I hope that Naomi feels better soon, sending my love. Hugs, Jen :-)
Krafty Keepsakes
ike said…
Hmmmmm... this is a hard one, but I think it's "Hurt Toddler" :-)
IKE xxxxxxxxx

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