Love Card Using Tranparency Paper

Happy Thursday!!!!!

Today I am excited to show you my card using transparency paper!  I used Stazon black ink to stamp the word Love and then spruced it up with gold stickles. I am getting plenty use of these beautfiul butterflies I received from Kelly for Christmas!


Have a super day!


Wendy L said…
This is abit different for you Naomi and it is gorgeous. xxx
Wowwwwwwwwwwwww! This is GORGEOUS!! I love love love that stamped image and loving the butterfly and flowers!!
Sarah Biswabic said…
This is so beautiful! Love it! :)
Karon said…
Stunning card Naomi - gorgeous use of that transparency. WOW!
Creative M said…
Very Beautiful my frend!!WOW!What a way to start the New Year!Love it!
Sending bloggie love to you,Michael & Troy,
Christina said…
OooooH I love this card and everything you have on it ... really neat and those butterflies are gorgeous xx
Lisa said…
This is absolutely gorgeous, Naomi!! What a work of art! The design is stunning!! I love the beautiful butterfly!! Happy Thursday my friend :)

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Sandie Edwards said…
Naomi, this would have to be a favourite of mine - it is just gorgeous. Whenever I stamp on transparency, I smudge! :-( Love the way you added some glitter, really makes it nice and I adore how the papers you used show beneath the transparency.
Karen said…
My dear Naomi, this is truly exquisite! I'm anxious to get some transparency/acetate paper soon... as you've so beautifully shown, one element can make such a huge impact. While there is much to adore about this project, I most love your use of the transparency with the heart because it's like we're seeing straight into the heart of the beautiful person who created this. :o) As with all your posts I just caught up on, this is stunning and filled with things that make my heart flutter. :o) I am happy you're on the mend, my friend. Keep trusting in God for all things.. He always delivers. :o) I love you with all of my sparkly heart and hope your Friday is filled with everything that brings a smile to your heart. :o)

Hugs and blessings!
Stephanie said…
This is truly gorgeous. I love the transparency. I must try stamping on some. (I'm not the best stamper)
I love the transparency aspect. That is really neat Naomi.

So pretty! Love all the wonderful layers on this! Carri~Abusybee
Sandie Edwards said…
Naomi, you asked about Gesso ... what are you wanting to do with it, because in all seriousness, it is a fabulous product that has so many uses. For example, I brush (no water at all on brush) over any design elements (cardboard, flowers, stickers, paper, you name it) to tone down colours - so if you have something in your stash you are not using because the colour doesn't tickle your fancy anymore - gesso it! HA! It is a wonderful prima for chipboard pieces, so whatever you do over the top doesn't fade into the chipboard. You can use it as a wash on paper, to give different appearances, you can use it on stencils - remember those old plastic doilies our Grandmothers had? They make fabulous stencils. Also, gesso can be used for mixed media, to add lace, and paper and other flat objects. gosh, I could go on ...
P.S Glad you liked my frog story, but I'm afraid to say, I still check under toilet lids even today because of that incident. :-) I screamed so loud the neighbours came to see if I wasn't being murdered. :-/

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