January 28, 2013

Winner!!!!!/ Thank you Card/ More on Exciting News

Happy Monday!!! 
I am so excited you dropped by rather it is your first time or if you are one of my awesome loyal followers.
I hope you all had a terrific weekend, I got to watch family movies this weekend and relax, relaxing of course involves crafting !

First I would like to announce the winner of $25.00 gift card, I know you are waiting!

 How I picked the winner:I entered the number of comments , the total of comments were 21 but the number of single comments were 16 so I choose one of 16.

Sandie Edwards from Delightfully Crazy!!!

 Sandie, email me to collect your prize and congrats!!!


Do you recall the post where I said I have really exciting news!!! I know some of you just can't wait any longer to hear about it (wink,wink) so here it is:

(You know you have to hear the story !!! Just gotta!) 

 It all started with a friendly email from a blogger friend who supported my blog for months as I did hers. Without further adieu meet
 Lisa Decosse over at 

Lisa is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life in so many ways, I love love love that Lisa can reach out to so many people considering the challenges she has faced and is still facing today. Lisa and I have become such good friends that the men in our lives seriously needs to get to the closest Home Hardware and buy a crow bar to pry us off the phone.
 We started out writing books through email, yes books, a letter just doesn't cut it,  and we continued to build a friendship that has certainly added tremendous joy to our lives.

Through getting to know each other we decide to Collaborate!!!!!!!!!! 

Lisa is a girl of many talents from card making, making digital designs to having a way with words like no other I have ever me.
We are  taking our talents and combining them to give you a new world to enter that will be a place that will bring our crafty selves together. 

Do you remember my New Year's Resolution?
 I am happy to say I have started my blog make over course!!  Lisa and I have been working hard on the Design and layout  to bring something new to the table. Where we are in the beginning process of breaking every little detail down so we cannot elaborate on the specifics yet. What I will say is we are doing something I haven't seen done in any other blog!  eeek!

To thank Lisa for everything!...I created a  card for her:

I embossed the background with my dots embossing folder and inked it with brown corduroy distress ink from Tim Holtz. I used Spellbinders for the center and bottom edge... "Shapabilities - Ironwork Accents" for center and  "Edgeabilities-Mix and Match Classics" for the bottom edge.  The hearts you see is also an insert for the Edgeabilities.

The brown buttons were created by using paper candy!! I used EB7 (Spectrum Noir Pen ) to color the button then added stickles in the center.

Here I used "WORD ART" in   Microsoft Office word , typed "you are an extraordinary friend" and extended the box to make it curved! Give it a try, it was so easy and you get to create your very own personalized sentiment!

I have been making lots of these buttons lately and I love them!!! To make it: use the right size circle punch (or close) to the size of the button from a piece of pattern paper that will suit your project. Add clear glue to the pattern side and adhere to the see through button!

Have a fantastic day!!!!!!


Wendy L said...

Gorgeous Naomi. xxx

Anonymous said...

Really pretty card. Can't wait to see the new blog.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Congrats to Sandie!!! And to you and Lisa!!! Sounds like EXCITING stuff is coming!! Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Naomi~You have such exciting things coming! I am so excited for you. I also follow Lisa! Congrats to Sandie! Things are going to be so fantastic for you. Hugs~Patti

Em Louise Fairley said...

Congrats to you and Lisa, can't wait to see the new blog! Love the card too! Hugs

Karon said...

Such a super sweet card Naomi and so excited for you and Lisa as you both start out on your new venture:-) Have a fabulous week!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous card, Naomi!! The design is so beautiful!! Congrats to the winner!! And so awesome to have a friend like that!! I can't wait to see all the exciting things you have in store my friend!! Happy Monday :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Suze said...

Congrats to Sandie. Looking forward to seeing what you and Lisa have planned.

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Wow. You have me speechless and you know how hard that is to do! You are one of the most generous souls I have ever met. I was truly blessed the day you came into my life Naomi. That card is so beautiful, I will treasure it and your friendship always!

Oh, and I guess there is no getting out of our collaboration now is there (not that I want to mind you)?! The cat is most certainly out of the bag...it was probably about time it must have been getting really stuffy in there for him!

Much love to you,

Jennifer said...

Such a lovely card! Wonderful inking and I love the button! Have a great day!

Cathy -Mercieschild said...

Naomi, I love your card and I am so excited for you. I am so glad you have her as a friend. I have a best friend but she is in Arizona and we are still sojourning in cold, windy, rainy, snowy Iowa. But that card is awesome and I know she will love it. You are easy to love and be friends with Sweetie, whether you know it or not. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I am so honored that you like my cards. I am still in a state of shock that someone would think them worthy of looking at. Thank you bunches, hugs,Cathy K

Migdalia said...

Congrats to Sandie!!Yiippee!!!
Love the idea of coloring the buttons!Such a Wonderful Card!I love it and I am sure that Lisa will too!Thats is AWESOME that lisa & you are collaberating on something so Special!and yes I remember your New Year's Resolution and it is since then that I have been waiting on your GREAT news..LOL .. at least thats how it feels to me..LOL..I believe I am getting closer to the news...I think I know.I am so HAPPY for you and so READY to celebrate!
Sending a HUGE amount of bloggie love you, Micheal & Troy,

Karen said...

My sweet friend, I am so excited to see this new adventure come to life for you!!! :o) I know it will be incredible... just like YOU. This card is stunning, filled with love and light, just like all of your creations. I adore you and love you with all of my heart. I'm not feeling well, otherwise I would gush far more. Just remember that I think the world of you and love your creations and your heart! Lots of love to you, Michael, and Troy! :o)

Hugs and blessings!

Sandie said...

Ohhhh I won, thank you very much!! How exciting!! :-)
AND congratulations to Lisa and yourself, on your new journey together. May your path ahead be smooth .... a celebration of friendship. I'm so thrilled for you both... and look forwards to seeing the finished blog.

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